History of the Singing Bowl


Singing Bowls originated in China, and have been a feature of Chinese culture ever since. They are an important part of Chinese Opera and are sometimes used in acrobatic routines. The instrument is held between two hands, either by the musician holding the bowl between his knees or by another person on the pommel. It creates a ring of sound as it is struck, much like a windmill in theory.

A standing bell or sitting bell is simply an inverted metal bell, usually supported from below by a rim. These bells are usually quite tall and come in a range of diameters, from some centimetres to several metres in diameter. They are typically made from metal, but sometimes of wood may be used. In addition to being solid metal, they may also be hollow, allowing air to be blown into them, or having a slit or valve for the wind to pass through when the bell strikes the metal. Many people think that such bowls are solely a metal instrument, but they are also available as a wooden instrument as well and are just as popular. Do check out sites like www.silverskyimports.com/ for top options on singing bowls. 

The Chinese writing on the inside of the metal musical bowl shows that it was a prized possession of the royals in ancient times. The shape of the bowl is intended to resemble the mouth of a monkey, with its upturned neck and wide opening mouth. This meant that the monkey could talk.

Because of its importance to the Chinese culture, it has become rare to find today, except in collectors' items. However, it is still possible to buy some made in the original design by some talented musicians who wish to continue to perform it to this day. Today, such a bell is usually a heavily carved and lacquered piece of metal with ornately painted details to make it look as authentic as possible. They are sometimes made with a single tone ring, but they can also be found with two or three tones if the musician prefers.

Many modern musicians prefer a singing bowl as a part of their musical equipment, and many schools teach their students how to play one. It is a valuable tool to have available, since it gives a singer a way to deliver the tone from their mouth, much like a recorder does. As with any instrument, it can be changed to suit a singer's needs, but they are an excellent addition to any repertoire. Singing Bowls can be found in most music stores and are easy to find online. Research further on the services that silver sky imports can give you. 

Though it is no longer considered important to the Chinese musical tradition, it may be a vital element to today's musician. These instruments give a voice student a way to deliver the tone from their mouth, much like a recorder does. They are an excellent addition to any musical repertoire and are easy to play. If you know a particular genre of music, this type of bell will make learning how to sing it easier. Also, here's how a singing bowl can be played: https://youtu.be/89ZjD6lLRPs

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